About us

The Embafinans LLC was founded and started functioning in 2012. The company issues various types of loans and is planning to expand the list of services over time.

The Embafinans is a non-bank credit institution, functioning on the basis of the licence issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Embafinans covers the entire territory of the country; accordingly, all families may ensure home comfort, one of the most critical elements for  their lives and for themselves, using services of the institution!

Currently, products by our national furniture brands – EmbawoodİdealDizayn and Madeyra, renowned and sympathized across the country for quality, are easy, comfortable and favorable to acquire through the services offered by the Embafinans

The key priorities of the institution are low interest rates, comfortable payment facilities, broad maturity options. Our employees render services in any region of Azerbaijan and are ready to assist customers in buying on credit.