Credit conditions



Terms and conditions

Minimum amount per borrower, AZN

150 / 500

Maximum amount per borrower, AZN

5000 / 15000

Monthly installment

minimum 20 / 50 AZN

Minimum term, in months


Maximum term, in months


The annual interest rate

min. 32% - max. 34%

 EAIR, (%)

min. 32% - max. 34%

Commissioning fee (%)


Loan repayment method (annuity, free)


Financing of same type products

maximum 2 pcs

Age requirement (years)

min. 20 - max.70

When guarantee is required

Based upon lending limits. In individual cases guarantee may be required based upon loan officers’ judgement.

Documents required from a loan applicant

ID card, invoice – certificate from a partnor.

Data required from a loan applicant

Data on income, expenses, registration and residential status, family members and close people and others.