Furniture loans


«Embafinans» offers furniture loans for a more confortable life under favorable terms!

Now you can acquire high qualuty «Embawood», «İdealDizayn» and «Madeyra» products under favorable and comfortable credit terms 


Terms and conditions

Minimum amount per borrower, AZN

150 / 500

Maximum amount per borrower, AZN

5000 / 15000

Monthly installment

minimum 20 / 50 AZN

Minimum term, in months


Maximum term, in months


The annual interest rate

min. 32% - max. 34%

 EAIR, (%)

min. 32% - max. 34%

Commissioning fee (%)


Loan repayment method (annuity, free)


Financing of same type products

maximum 2 pcs

Age requirement (years)

min. 20 - max.70

When guarantee is required

Based upon lending limits. In individual cases guarantee may be required based upon loan officers’ judgement.

Documents required from a loan applicant

ID card, invoice – certificate from a partnor.

Data required from a loan applicant

Data on income, expenses, registration and residential status, family members and close people and others.