(Factor) for the purpose of financing a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur. Thus, as a result of this operation, a legal entity or sole proprietor can repay its receivables more quickly by factoring a certain amount of concessions and achieve a steady flow of working capital by providing liquidity.

The factoring organization finances a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur by obtaining a factoring discount.

NBCO ‘’Embafinans’’ CJSC has been providing factoring services since 2019.

Credit financing

NBCO EmbaFinans CJSC provides various types of loans.

Over time, it aims to expand the list of these services.

EmbaFinans currently operates with Consumer and Micro-Business Loan products. Well-known chain stores in our country sell with the help of Embafinans. Minimum document requirements, fast registration, many service points, easy communication and favorable conditions make Embafinans attractive not only for consumers, but also for entrepreneurs who want to increase the volume and quality of sales. Every entrepreneur who started cooperating with NBCO ‘’Embafinans’’ CJSC observes a sharp increase in sales and regulation of turnover.

This is a sign of the correct and reliable establishment of Embafinans' lending activities. For this reason, we call on entrepreneurs to increase sales of their products through Embafinans. In two years, the organization has carried out factoring operations worth about 35 million manat.